AM PM Full Form - What is The Full Form OF AM and PM ?

by - 14.9.19

What is the AM and PM Full Form? 

AM PM Full Form

Our Earth is constantly rotating in the orbit of the solar system. As a result, day and night occur. We write AM and PM by dividing the clock clockwise by dividing it into two for 12 hours. It helps us determine day and night or morning and afternoon.

But we do not know the Full Form of AM and PM. We now know what AM and PM full form.

AM PM full form

* AM Full Form



AM = ante meridiem

* PM Full Form



PM= post meridiem

finally, am pm full form = ante meridiem and post meridian

  • AM = Ante meridiem: Before noon
  • PM = Post meridiem: After noon

Description of AM PM

AM PM Full Form

When the sun is on our head we can draw an imaginary line from north to south. We call this line meridian. When the sun is to the east of this line, we call that time the morning. It is called noon when this luncheon passes through time. Noon is called Meridis in Latin. The English word meridian comes from this meridis.

So AM means ante-meridiem. And PM means post-meridiem. We briefly explain the time from 12 noon to 12 pm. And from 12 pm till 12 noon, I use the time briefly am.

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