Discipline Composition for class 10 and All Student

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Discipline Composition
Discipline Composition

Discipline comes from the Latin word “ discipline “ which means disciple.  A disciple obeys his preceptors even at the cost of his own life. So, discipline is obedience to the rule format for the regulation of human conduct.
From the haven above to the earth below, discipline reigns supreme. The earth, the moon, and the stars move around the sun not by first and stars but according to certain rules. Even the lower animals are discipline. The life bees in a hive are very discipline. All the bees obey the queen bees. Ants are also discipline. They lead their life a disciplined way.
In every house, there is a sort of government. All the members of the house obey the rules of the family. A discipline family leads a happy and healthy life.
Discipline is found in the human body.  The various organs of the body cooperate with one another and are the discipline of the growth and development of the whole body.
Discipline is strictly maintained In games and sports. A player has to show his petty selfishness to the greater interest of the team.
Discipline is more necessary in the army. It is part and parcel in the army. Here a moment's hesitation may mean death.  The difficulty, danger, and death can not deter a solder from carrying out the orders of his commanders though the may be unjust and wrong.
There’s not to make a reply.
There’s not to reason why.
There’s but to do and die. 

It is the educational institutions from where a man learns discipline. A student has to observe the rules of the institute. He has also to obey the orders o his superiors, show respect position will be nowhere.
In any organization social, political, religious, economic and educational discipline for its growth and development.
Discipline is necessary for a state and for a whole nation for its prosperity and development. Discipline is a precious treasure for the growth o the whole human society. Life without discipline means life full o chaos.


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