Corruption in Bangladesh Composition - Short And Easy Composition.

Corruption in Bangladesh Composition
Corruption in Bangladesh Composition - Short And Easy Composition.


In our recent political history , corruption has become a buzzword due to its  all pervasive existence in all our public sector and even in private organizations.  Corruption has always been a constant  phenomenon in our country. But recent drives against corruption  and a huge public conscience and consciousness against it have given it a new moment . Bangladesh has been branded as the most corrupt country in the world for consecutive four years by transparency international .  So, both local and international pressure and call have created an urgency to fight and curb corruption in Bnagladesh.  

Corruption can political in simple term as unethical and unfair practice  or means to draw any profit or benefit that goes against law and harms others interest.  In broad terms , corruption includes abuse of power , distortion of standard practices and principles , bribery ,  favoritism , extortion , fraudulence , deception and illegal practices  whereby a person or group draw  personal benefit damaging others or country’s interest. In our country corruption has been so rampant that it has become  a matter of fact common affair. No govt. service or work could be done or is available without corruption .

Corruption is a social evil. Moral degradation and ethical decadence is the main cause of corruption. Peoples unscrupulous activities, avarice and greed to amass wealth, materialistic attitude of life all these breed corruption.  Capitalistic economic system , inequal distribution of wealth, Excessive gap between wealth and poverty, Economic insolvency , high living cost, unemployment etc . are the social and economic causes of corruption. Adding to this poor administrative system of govt. and lack of low and order on society also contribution to spreading corruption.

Corruption has enter each and every core of our administration , public governance , office and organization. In  a poor and underdeveloped county like Bangladesh the effect of corruption in economy and in politics are very devastating. If govt. officials are corrupt , people do not get good service for them. If politicians and policy maker are corrupt, it affects and retards country’s overall development. By doing corruption ,  a section of powerful people amass huge wealth and lead a very carefree and luxurious life. This creates social gap and discrimination. Administrative and institutional corruption creates depression and grievances among people. Corruption in education system lowers down standard of education. All these personal and corporate or institutional corruption seriously harms the image of the county , causes social and political instability , increases economic and social crimes and also discrimination and disorder in the society.  These , in the long run hamper social and economic development of the country.  Study shows that corruption is responsible for about 2% of GDP decrease and about 40% of our development budget is either misused or wasted due to corruption.

People’s ethical sense should be strengthen , For this a good education system which stresses on creating morality is necessary. Consciousness about corruption and fighting against corruption is also necessary . Corrupt officials and politicians should be severely punished. We should have good and effective laws for preventing corruption.  A just and equal social and judicial system is necessary . we have to remove social injustice , social gap and wide gap between wealth and poverty.  Besdies , Anti corruption and prevent it. People’s patriotism and ethical sense should be developed .  Corruption is a social malady. So it can be checked by social awareness and efforts.
Corruption is matter of national disgrace. It is also a social vice. Due to corruption only a handful of people gain, but majority of he people suffer.  It has now become a serious national problem . We must remove or curb corruption from the society in order to build a society based on equality , justice and fraternity.

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