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Environment Pollution (150 Word) ( Class 6-8)

Land, air, water and all other things around us make our Environment. Environment Pollution means a remarkable change in chemical,  physical and biological characteristics 
of Environment. It has become a serious problem in today's world. in our cities,  the air constantly being Pollution bye smoke from factories and from carbon dioxide gases emitted from motor vehicles. The ground we walk on in both urban and rural areas is Polluted by uncollected garbage. Water is Pollution particularly as a result of untreated sewage. Industrial wastes and insecticides alarmingly Pollution water. Another kind of Pollution is sound Pollution,  domestic appliance, radio, CD player and so on. The air we breathe in,  The water we drink,  the food we take are not always absolutely safe for health. Environment Pollution leads us to the way of death.  So to live a happy and healthy life, Environment Pollution must be checked.  And for this,  effective steps should be taken immediately.

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Environment Pollution (200 words) ( Class 9-10)

Nowadays Environment Pollution is one the most talked of topics of the world. Our Environment is Polluted in two ways of air Pollution and Water Pollution. Air is Pollution in many ways. Smoke Pollution air, man makes a fire to cook his food, to make bricks, melts pitch for road construction and burns wood. All these things produce heavy smoke and this smoke Pollutes air. Railway engines, mills and factories, and powerhouses use coal and oil. Buses, trucks, and cars use petrol and diesel. Again all these things cause air Pollution. Water is Polluted in many ways. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticide in their lands to grow more food. The rain and floods wash away some of the chemicals. They get mixed with canal water and river water. Mills and factories pollute water by throwing the waste materials and unsold products into the canals of the river.  Steamers, launches, and even sailboats pollute water by throwing oil, food waste, and human waste into the big canals and rivers. Unsanitary latrines in the countryside standing on the banks of the rivers and canals also pollute water. Thus air and water are polluted and as a result, our Environment gets Pollution. 

Environment Pollution ( 300 Word) ( class 11-12)

What is Environment Pollution?  Where do you live? What kinds of pollution do you find in your locality? What problem are these Pollution creating in your locality?  How can you Check this pollution in your locality?
Answer: Nowadays Environment Pollution Ir one of the most talked-about topics in the world.  Our Environment is polluted in two ways-air Pollution and Water Pollution,  Air is polluted in many ways. Smoke pollutes the air, man makes a fire to cook his food,  to make bricks,  melts pitch for road construction and burns wood. All these things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollution air. Railway engines, mills and factories, and powerhouses use coal and oil. Buses, trucks, and cars use petrol and diesel  Again all these things cause air pollution. Water is pollution in many ways. farmer use chemical fertilizers and insecticide in their lands to grow more food. The rain and floods wash away some of the chemicals. they get mixed with canal water and river water.  Mills and factories pollution water by throwing the waste materials and unsold products into the rivers and canals. Steamers launches and even sailboats pollution water by throwing oil, food waste, and human waste into the big canals and rivers. Unsanitary latrines in the countryside standing on the banks Environment gets pollution. Water pollution can be prevented in many ways. First of all, we should make people aware of the fact that water is next to air. It is called life. So chemical fertilizer and pesticide should not be allowed to mix with river water, canal water, and pond water. Mills and factories should not throw the waste materials and unsold products into the river and canals. Steamers, motor launches, and even sailboats should not throw oil, food waste and human waste into the rivers and canals. Unsanitary latrines in the countryside should not be built on the banks of the rivers and canals. In fine awareness should be created in the public.  Air pollution can be prevented by taking proper steps and necessary measures and creating public awareness.    

Environment Pollution (400 Word) ( All class) 

Introduction: - Our environment with everything in the sky, air, water, vegetation, animal life We can not live without any of these. The people made the environment around him more beautiful by his wisdom, intellect and energetic work. Collected more than the natural environment, the people of the Desert Desert show a golden crop. But with the progress of civilization and the natural environment in the greed of some vulnerable people, it is now widely polluted. As a result of the pollution of air, water, soil, and noise, there have been many incurable disorders in human life.

Its effect on air pollution and human life: - One of the main and most important of our natural environment is air or air without which the fauna can not live for a moment. One of the reasons for air pollution is the burning of carbon dioxide in the air by burning nuclear waste, burning coal, pollution of the fuel in the fields, and the burning heat of the vehicle is contaminated by the air mixed with air. Due to pollution, people have to suffer from short-term disorders such as respiratory and cancer.

Hydrothermal and its reaction: - Another name of water is life. No creature survives without water. But with the progress of civilization, the number of factories has been increasing constantly. The chemicals emitted from the factories are polluted by the water mixed with the river water. Besides, all the sewerage in the city falls into the water and the river and pollutes the river. As a result, the number of waterborne diseases is increasing day by day. People are seriously endangered by water-borne diseases.

The sound and its reaction: - The sound of the machine, the machine-horned car horn, the sound of the fireworks microphone sound reduces the human hearing capacity. Mental disasters, increased blood pressure, nervous disorders, etc. are causing various problems.

Metabolism: - There is now a green revolution in agriculture. But to increase production, various types of chemical fertilizers and insecticides are being used in the soil, resulting in soil contamination. To ensure irrigation in the year, the river has stopped due to dams in many rivers, on one hand, such as river water polluted, on the other side, soil pollution and being. Various types of diseases are being created from agricultural materials prepared by chemical fertilizers.

Environmental Pollution 1200 word ( Composition) 

Introduction: nature and environment on which the life and creatures that were created in the world millions of years ago were in sync. The role played in maintaining this balance was nature and the environment. On the path of evolution of civilization, people have developed a little bit of their own environment. The human evolutionary environment is the evolution of its civilization crop. People have gathered with the talent, hard work, and expertise of their new discovery, various methods of science and technology. Has acquired many tools for life-building. So he has made his own needs and interests according to his environment. Within this environment, its development, its destruction signals.

Reasons for environmental pollution: Population growth is one of the reasons for environmental pollution. Due to the increase in population, natural resources have accumulated over water, soil, and air. Amit festivities of forest resources destroyed The plant world and the creatures of the world have also been affected. The balance of nature and the environment has reached a crisis situation. It has been associated with a rising demand for energy production. With energy production, the emissions of human health and the environment-contamination of various chemical products emerge. Malicious chemicals are the reason for the rapid expansion of many incurable disorders. The air-water-food is being severely polluted.

Air pollution and various reactions: There are also variations in the nature and method of pollution. One of the main components of our natural resources is air. That air pollution is around the world today. This is a serious problem for everyone's health. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing continuously. As a result, the temperature is increasing in the climate. This is the result of sudden rain, storm, and fog. The cultivation of such weather is uncertain. Fog and oil, the combination of gas emitted due to coal burning, smog. Its harmful power is deadly. Headache, respiratory failure, asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and the result of such pollution. The smoky smoke of different vehicles comes in contact with the sunlight and the light chemical smog. Some air pollutants are produced in the reaction of oxide and hydrocarbons.
Water Pollution: Water Pollution Another Curse of Modern Civilization The waters of the world's oceans, rivers, ponds, canals, etc. are being polluted in many ways. On the banks of the river, rich populations, cities. It has been established in modern artillery, textile, coral bleaching, sugar mills, paper mill, herbal oil making factory, leather-making factories, etc. The waste of these factories is regularly polluting the river. Alkali, ammonia, cyanide, naphthalene, phenol and various chemical pollutants are present in various industrial areas every day. The water of almost all the rivers of Bangladesh in the confluence of pollution Tanks, sewage and house debris, etc. are responsible for the pond, canal-bill pollution. It is contaminated soil, polluted drinking water There are also many pollutions in the rivers of the river Khalabi pond. Different types of infectious diseases are spreading. Occasionally it has the epidemic. How many lives does death take away? This is why public health is being destroyed day after day.

Sound pollution: Sound pollution is one of the important, widespread problems of this era. The problem is increasing day by day. The noise level in the city is the highest. There is a great deal of generosity in the production of an oasis in the heart of the motorbike, the sound of the factory, the sound of the fire, the radio, the sound of the television, the shouting of the people, the drowsiness of the festival, the melody of the music. The result of noise pollution is horrific. Shabad is the source of pollution and many types. Without proper reason, the microphone or cassette player should stop playing. Needless to stop playing horns and playing hydraulic horn legally. According to the Environment and Environment Act 1997, the area up to 100 meters from hospitals, educational institutions, and a few institutions have been identified as silent area. Human consciousness is the biggest one to prevent noise pollution. Now the city of noise pollution. After lifting two stroke-related auto-rickshaws in Dhaka from the city of Dhaka in 2003, along with air pollution, the level of noise pollution decreased relatively, resulting in some respite from the city dwellers. But their comfort did not last long. People who do not understand the consequences of noise due to noise pollution are long-term, people do not understand the consequences of it immediately. So, there is fewer people's attention too. Due to this, residential areas of Dhaka, hospitals, educational institutions, nothing is being avoided, the vehicles of the hydraulic horn, the loud sound of the factory, the sound of Mike and CD player.
The noise of noise pollution: Sound pollution that not only creates irritability but also closes the human body's arteries, increases adrenaline movement and forces the husband to act quickly. Increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke if there is a continuous high sound. According to expert doctors, noise pollution can cause nervous impediments. Experts believe that continuous noise pollution spoils the hearing and causes permanent damage to the nerves. According to them, people living in the capital are under extra pressure on the heart, kidney, and brain. Children's temperament in noise pollution is irritable. They are losing hearing, losing their devotion. Its impact is on their education. Due to all types of noise pollution, sleep deprivation, hearing, emotional and physical health deteriorate. Any kind of noise pollution can harm pregnant mothers very well. Permanent mental impairment can occur in people with noise pollution.
Radioactive pollution: The dangers of radioactive pollution in nuclear war, nuclear weapons testing, are the most vulnerable. In 1963 a US nuclear submarine was lost in the Atlantic Sea. A large amount of radioactive material spread from the natural environment. The nuclear energy production center can survive for 600 years with its healing powers.

Pollution Remedy: The world's civilized people are worried about the terrible consequences of pollution. Think about the possible ways to deal with this terrible problem, the plan does not end. To reduce the number of pollutants emitted by controlling the combustion process, it has been taken for the treatment of air pollution. It has been taken without a planting plan. One study found that, through forestry alone, it is possible to protect almost all types of environmental pollution. To make polluted water drinkable, there is a need for suitable fertilization. The main way to reduce the effectiveness of sound pollution is to use anti-cellular cells. In recent developments of technology, some methods have been developed so that the garbage control of nuclear reactors is possible. This will not be radioactive in the environment of nuclear power plants.
Conclusion: All countries are concerned about environmental pollution issues today. The existence of civilization has come in front of a crisis today. So in 1972, the United Nations Conference on 'the environment of the people' was held in Stockholm. The 12-day Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. Bangladesh's Constitution has also laid down the conditions for the prevention of environmental pollution. Here also the World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year. Today, environmental pollution predicts dangerous threats to human civilization. The need to prevent environmental pollution at any cost to make a secure world for future generations is undeniable.

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