Who Was the First King Of India & History.


Who is The First King of India? Many people ask about this question. There are many disagreements about who was the first king of India. If you read this article then you will know who is the first king of India Hope to read the article. India has ruled many kings. His central Hindus and Muslims ruled more. Hindus are governed by India for 200 years by the British. India's first king is not written in India's history. Many people say many things about India's first king. Today this article is written by the first king of India. I tried to shorten the detail. The internet helped me to write the article.

India is Asia's largest and the seventh largest country in the world. In time, many kings ruled India, but there was a mystery about who was the first king of India. In India, came in turn. Muslims have ruled India since 983 CE.

Firstly the name of India's era and state was given.

Stone Age ----------- 70,000-3300 BC
Mehergarh ------------ 7000-3300 BC
 Harappa and Mahinjadar civilization --------- 3300-1700 BC
Harappa culture ----------------- 1700-1300 BC
Vedic era ----------------- 1500-500 BC
Iron Age ----------------- 1200-300 BC
Sixth mahajanapada ---------- • 700-300 BC
Magadha Empire --------------- 545 BC
Maurya Empire ---------------- 321-184 BC
Middle Kingdoms ------------- 250 BC
Chola Empire ------------------ 250 BC
Satavahana Empire ----------- 230 BC
Kusana Empire ----------------- 60-240 AD
The Gupta Empire ------------- 280-550 AD
Pala empire ---------------- 750-1174 AD
State Kuch ------------ 753-982

Since then, India goes to the hands of Muslims.

King tradition begins in India from the above mentioned Magadan empire. Seeing the history of India, it is seen that the name of India was named King India, which was considered the king of the Magad empire.

Now when you find the meaning of the words of India, you will know who was the first king of India.

The Indian term is first found in the Rigveda, but not the name of that country. In the society, the meaning of India is The cherished meaning which is to be cherished / respected. For example, the name of fire in the Rigveda is India, because the fire has to be kept burning, Otherwise it would be left out.

Maharshi Vishwamitra's daughter was named Shakuntala, who is married to Kandahar in present day Afghanistan and from the Valley of Gandhara to the Bindhya Mountains and from present day Pakistan (Sindh) to the present day Bangladesh (Bengal) king Dushman.

The son of king Dushmanta and Vishwamitra, the only son of Shakuntala, was named 'Sarvadamon'.
Whenever he became king, he became very famous. All of them respected him. Since then, people have given him the name 'India' or the honorable / who everyone loves. This is said in the original episode of Mahabharata.

"O people of the whole nation, sing the glory of this great soul of the Queen Shakuntala, because everyone honors her, so let her name be 'Bharat'.".

It is to be noted that his father Raja Dushmant Chandra Dynasty was a man of the Kshatriya tribe called the thick.

This King Bharat conquered the entire part of his time in the world and went to set his flag on the Mount of Armen and saw that there were flags of those kings who had won the earth before him. Then he realized how naturally the liquor of this state was inevitable and then he accepted the monastic order and later got disinterested.

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Because of his very devoted and efficient state administration, he was awarded the title of "Chakravarti", which means "Emperor!"

It is said in Vishnu Purana,
"Raja Bharat state is named after him as India Year."
(Vishnu Purana 2.3.1)
And this vast history of India is called the Maha Bharat due to this.

Many people may want to know when was the reign of  Bharat?
Two sons of King Jazeti, Jadu and Thick Judev from Jodhwar is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and the 16th generation of Raja Purura is the king 'India'. The son of Azamidha, son of his second son, King Elephant, is the king of Kuru, who is the son of Bipatbirya after 14 generations. Pandu. So, how many years before the Mahabharata was ruled by the king 'Bharat'.

The above incident shows who was the first king of Bharat.
(Bharat mean first king of India)

So here it is said that India's first king was 'India'. I do not think there will be any better information than this. Let me know if this information is lying to you. I try to give you the correct information on your mind. Hope you got the right info.
Thanks for reading the article.