List of 65 Private Medical College in Bangladesh 2019. (Top Medical College)

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Private Medical College In Bangladesh. If you want to see a list of all the private medical colleges in Bangladesh, this article is for you. Currently there are 65 private medical colleges in Bangladesh. Bangladesh's first private medical college is: Bangladesh Medical College. The quality of private medical colleges in Bangladesh is very good. Advanced colleges are available in a private college from a government college. All Labs Required Every medical college has adequate doctors. Students from many countries including Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and private medical colleges of Bangladesh are studying. Central Bank of India is one of the largest private medical colleges in the continent of Asia.

Bangladesh Best private Polytecnic Name.
bd Private University's Rank 2019.
Top 10 College In Dhaka.

The government has stopped 10 private medical colleges. The names of these 10 colleges are given at the end of the article. Do not be fooled by the money in these colleges.
Below are the names of some of the best quality private colleges mentioned below, from 65 colleges to your advantage.

Studying in these colleges is very costly. If you go to private college then you will need a lot of money. Many doctors from India, Nepal and Bhutan have been studying in Bangladesh Medical College. Do not waste your time, check the names of private medical colleges.

As per the list of Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, the list of medical colleges conducted under private trust or individual-owned industries is directed directly to Bangladesh without the government's management.

1. Institute of Applied Health Sciences.
2. Green Life Medical College.
3. Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College.
4. Ibn Sina Medical College
5. Ibrahim Medical College
6. International Medical College
7. Jahurul Islam Medical College
8. Kumudini Ommens Medical College.
9. Marx Medical College.
10. Medical College for Women and Hospital

11. Barind Medical College
12. Islamic Bank Medical College
13. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College
14. North Bengal Medical College.
15. Shah Makhdum Medical College.
16. TMSS Medical college
17. Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College.
18. North East Medical College
19. Parkway Medical College
20. Meanwhile, Samad Rahman Women's Red Crescent Medical College.

21. Sylhet Women's Medical College.
22. M.A.s. Samarita Medical College.
23. Monno Medical College
24 Nightingale Medical College.
25. Northern International Medical College
26. Popular Medical College
27 Shahabuddin Medical College.
28 Shaheed Mansur Ali Medical College.
29 Teurunnessa Memorial Medical College
30. Uttara Modern Medical College.

31. Zainul Haque Sikder Women's Medical College.
32. Delta Medical College.
33. Dhaka Central International Medical College
34. Dhaka Community Medical College
35. Dhaka National Medical College.
36. Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College.
37. East T-West Medical College
38. Northern Medical College.
39 Enam Medical College
40. Faridpur Diabetic Association Medical College.

41. Public Health Science-based Medical College.
42 Prime Medical College Hospital
43. Rangpur Community Medical College.
44 Northern Private Medical College Hospital
45. Kachir Uddin Memorial Medical College Hospital
46. Rangpur Dental College.
47 Rangpur Army Medical College.
48. Community Based Medical College, Bangladesh.
49. Jahurul Islam Medical College, Bajitpur Kishoreganj
50 President Abdul Hamid Medical College, Kishoreganj

51 Ad-Din Sakhina Medical College
52 Gazi Medical College
53. Khulna City Medical College.
54 Jessore Armed Forces Medical College BGC Trust Medical College
55 Central Medical College
56. Chittagong Mother and Children Hospital Medical College.
57 Eastern Medical College.
58 Mainamati Medical College.
59 Southern Medical College.
60 University of Science and Technology-Deen Women's Medical College

61. Anwar Khan Modern Medical College.
62. Bangladesh Medical College
63. Bikrampur Bhuiyans Medical College.
64. City Medical College

 At present, admission in 10 medical and dental colleges is closed for indefinitely. Those are:
1) Nightingale Medical College, Ashulia
2) City Medical College, Gazipur
3) Ashyan Medical College
4) Rangpur Northern Medical College
5) Shahabuddin Medical College
6) Dhaka Northern International Medical College
7) Aichi Medical College
8) Bashundhara Ad-Din Medical College
9) Care Medical College
10) Safen Women's Dental College

♦ Now the name of some good quality medical colleges in the country.

★ Dhaka Community Medical College
★ Green Life Medical College.
★ Anwar Khan Modern Medical College.
★ Popular Medical College
★ Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College
★ Jahurul Islam Medical College
★ Bangladesh Medical Calls.
★ Dhaka National Medical College.
★ Bardem Medical College
★ Mymensingh Community Based Medical College
★ Holly Family Medical College.
★ Enam Medical College
★ Ibn Sina Medical College.
★ Mother and Child Medical College, Chittagong.
★ USTC Medical College, Chittagong.
★ Islamic Bank Medical College, Rajshahi
★ Kumudini Women's Medical College
★ Sikder Women's Medical College
★ Ad-Din Women's Medical College
★ Medical College for Women, Uttara

♦ At present, admission in 10 medical and dental colleges is closed indefinitely. Those are:
1) Nightingale Medical College, Ashulia.
2) City Medical College, Gazipur.
3) Ashyan Medical College.
4) Rangpur Northern Medical College.
5) Shahabuddin Medical College.
6) Dhaka Northern International Medical College.
7) Aichi Medical College.
8) Bashundhara Ad-Din Medical College
9) Care Medical College.
10) Safen Women's Dental College

So no one would be cheated from this 10 medical admission.

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