Fake Freedom Fighter & Secular In Bangladesh.

by - 3.12.18

Bangladesh has been independent in 1971. Many Freedom Fighters tried and tried to get Bangladesh independence in exchange for blood. But after independence many fake freedom fighters declared themselves as freedom fighters. Made many media heroes. I will prove to be the real identity of seven secular + fake freedom fighters in this article. They were not the freedom fighter but were friends of Pakistan but after the country became independent, they spoke about the spirit of the freedom fighters on any issue of the country. Indeed they are not the fighters. They are currently Femas people of Bangladesh. Talk about any country in the country.

This article is not provided by a team or team member. These generations have written from the responsibility of preaching true truth. Here are proofs. If the article is wrong, then please let me know.

First, know the name of the Freedom Fighters & Seculars.
♦ Professor Jafar Iqbal
♦ Shahriar Kabir.
♦ Sultana Kamal Chakraborty.
♦ Muntasir Mamun
♦ Hasanul Haq Inu
♦ Adappak Anisuzzaman.
♦ Kabir Chowdhury.
Everyone whose names are mentioned here is known face of Bangladesh. There are big educators, politicians and human rights activists. There is no need to give them details here. So take a look at what they did in 1971 and where was it. What was their role in the liberation war.
Freedom Fighter

1) Professor Jafar Iqbal
He wanders in society. In the words of the war of liberation war! Zafar Iqbal, the holder of the alleged spirit, was hiding in different places of the country, including Pirojpur under the influence of his mother during the war of liberation. His elder brother Humayun Ahmed was in Dhaka. Zafar Iqbal and Humayun Ahmed were old enough to fight but they did not go. Their life was spent in the Razakars family. Because Jafar Iqbal Sir was not in the war of liberation, he was in Mohanganj, in the shelter of Rajkari's grandson. His father was also the loyal police officer of Pakistan.

Freedom Fighter

2) Shahriar Kabir
He fired atheism and secular principles with the spirit of the Liberation War. Occasionally Islam against Islam is a subject. But he was not a freedom fighter, he was Razakars. She used to give chicken supplies to Pak Army.
Begum Mostari Shafi, the former convener of the killer broker-eradication committee, wrote in the book 'Jahanara Imam's letter written to the memory of', "Shahriar Kabir himself did not participate in the liberation war. Even during the liberation war, he supplied cashew chickens to the occupying Pak army. Many people said he chicken poet.

Freedom Fighter

3) Sultana Kamal Chakrabarti
One of the eyes of today's human rights leader Sultana was 25 or more at the time. In the diary, mother Sufia Kamal has written about Sultana Kamal's life and lifestyle. All of them were very good in their own world. None of them participated in the war. Sultana was happy with her Chakrabarti husband. The war could not cause any problems in their lives. As the mother supported Pakistanis and Pakistan, everyone was in peace as mother.

Freedom Fighter

4) Muntasir Mamun
In 1971, young man Muntasir Mamun, a student of Dhaka University honors 3rd year student Tugabg. Everyone knew that he was a freedom fighter. But surprisingly, true freedom fighter Muntasir Mamun did not participate in the liberation war! But, in this way, "I did not fight the liberation war but also tried to be associated with the liberation war".

Freedom Fighter

5) Hasanul Huq Inu
Spent the whole time of the 1971 Liberation War in India. After the news of the killing of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, he danced on the tank and today's Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu.

Freedom Fighter

6) Professor Anisuzzaman
Born in India, education in India but has worked in Bangladesh. India's Padma Bhushan Award There is no active participation in the liberation war. In Calcutta Babu was sitting comfortably and kabate was sitting.

Freedom Fighter

7) Kabir Chowdhury:
This violent atheist was opposed to the war of liberation, and in 1971, he served as a faithful servant of the Pak government.
Where they are today, where to preach secularism, they are talking about spirit by making their freedom fighters.

An actual freedom fighter can never try to get the business or immoral advantage of the country and national emo-liberation war.

Those false freedom fighters, freedom fighters, because of the spirit of the liberation war, the division of the society, the opposition of Islam, the opponent is defeating power and making the hills of wealth.

Thanks for reading the article.

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