Top 20 Private University Rank in Bangladesh 2018.

by - 26.11.18

There are many Private Universities in Bangladesh. After reading this article you can find the rankings and scores of top 20 private universities in Bangladesh. Each year the Bangla Tribune and the Dhaka Tribune publishes the rank and score of the private university of Bangladesh jointly. Today, this article highlights the rank and score of private universities. Hope the article will benefit you. After reading the article, a university can learn how much banging it is.
Private University Rankings published by the Bangla Tribune and Dhaka Tribune jointly BRAC University has topped the list. In the second and third places respectively, North South University and Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) respectively. ORG Quest Research Ltd., a research organization that operates this ranking.

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In the process of choosing between 83 private universities of the country, 32 are taken. The best 20 private universities have been set up through research.

The research report mentions that the final ranking is consistent with the data-data scores found in Factsal and Percepicious. Among them, the ranking of universities has been set to be 100 percent by Factual and 40 percent from Perceptual and 60 percent. Taken in the Factual Data field.
The survey was conducted on 300 people. Out of which 150 academics and 150 human resources managers. For this, 327 teachers and 320 job seekers were invited to participate in the survey.
This report was published based on university teacher values, student services, research and education materials.

Coordinating ranking and score of top 20 private universities

Ranking ♣ University name ----> Score

01 ♣ BRAC University --------> 78.95
02 ♣ North South University -----> 71.13
03 ♣ Independent University Bangladesh ------> 68.08
04 ♣ Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology ----> 65.44
05 ♣ American International University - Bangladesh --------> 65.16
06 ♣ University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh --------> 63.00
07 ♣ East West University -------> 62.99
08 ♣ The University of Asia Pacific ------> 61.36
09 ♣ United International University ------> 61.25
10 ♣ Daffodil International University ------> - 56.47
11 ♣ Eastern University -----> 55.72
12 ♣ State University of Bangladesh - 54.90
13 ♣ Northern University Bangladesh - 54.16
14 ♣ University of Developmental Alternative -----> 53.96
15 ♣ Stamford University ------> 53.95
16 ♣ Primeaia University -----> - 52.63
17 ♣ International University of Business Agriarchy and Technology ---> 51.77
18 ♣ Asha University Bangladesh ----> 51.26
19 ♣ South East University ------> 50.34
20 ♣ Bangladesh University of Business and Technology -----> - 50.28

This research has been conducted to create a list of private universities, under the supervision of an advisory committee. Among the members of the committee, Professor Syed Manjurul Islam of Dhaka University, Managing Director of ORG Quest and Managing Director Manjurul Haque, Bengali Tribune Editor Zulfikar Russell, Chief Executive Officer of Institute of Informatics and Development Said Ahmed.
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