The Real History Of Valentine's Day | What is the History of Valentine?

We all celebrate Valentine  Day. But 99% of the people of Valentaine day do not know. Know the wrong history and know about. Today I will tell you the exact history of your Valentine day. If you read the article, you will know the history of Valentine Day. Hope you read the article.
This day was limited to US or Western society. But today this day is celebrated with joy and frenzy in the world wide world. Day of Love or St. Valentine's Day The day of the annual festival which is celebrated on 14th February in love and in affection. Day is celebrated in different countries of the world, although most countries do not have day holidays.
Lover lovers have a lot of plans on the day of love. Older people from this age group observe this day. Today, the whole world celebrates this day. People spend billions of dollars on Valentine day. From this day onwards, people celebrate this day as people of all countries. Because the love thing is important. Valentine Day is literally the day of expression of love of love and love, but since the extent of the love of a person spreads around the many loved ones around it, so today the Valentine Day is universal.

The question is how did love day come? This love is the love of young people or the love of the child towards the mother. There are two types of love in the world: 1 - Husband wife's love. 2- The love of the mother. The love of a husband or a wife of a husband is happiness, sex, short term or long-term. This love is more than passion. But at any time this love may be lost or the end of love may end. And the love of mother's child is universal. This love has affection, respect and devotion.
If you have questions, you can ask the question of who is the day of love for the husband or the mother and the mother. If you read this article you will be able to know the history of Valentine Day. Without losing your precious time, you are going straight into the history of Valentine Day. But before that, look at some information on Valentine day.
The official name of Valentine day is St. Valentine's Day.
Another day of love day is Valentine's Day Feast of Saint Valentine.
People of almost all countries observe the day of love.
The type of Valentine day is cultural, Christian, business.
St. Valentine's Day; Celebrate love and affection.
Greeting cards and gifts, dating.
The date of the celebration is February 14.

Currently, this festival is celebrated in the West in the West. Half of the total population in the United Kingdom spends about 100 million pounds for purchasing cards, flowers, chocolates, other gifts and greetings cards, and approximately 2.5 million greet cards are distributed for this Valentine day.


History -1 (Formula Wikipedia)
St. Valentine was a Christian pastor and physician in Rome in Italy in 2669. The Roman Emperor, the second Cradius, was arrested by him for preaching. Because the preaching of Christianity in the Roman Empire was prohibited. In captivity, he healed a visually impaired girl from prison. In this, the jealousy of St. Veletein's popularity gave the king the death penalty. That day was on 14th February. The king was suspected that he had illegal relations with the girl in prison. The king could not accept it. Then in 496 Pope St. Gelsius announced the Julius Valétain's memorial on Valentine's Day on 14th February.

History -2 (Formula Internet)
In ancient Rome, February 14 was a holiday in honor of the Roman goddess, Queen Juno. People believed in Juno as the goddess of women and love. This was the reason for someone's charity on 14th February love day.

History *3 (Formula Internet)
Roman Emperor Claudius banned the practice of marriage in the year 200. He announced that no young man can marry from today. Only war for the youth According to him, if a young man gets married, who will fight? A young man protested against this evil declaration of Emperor Claudius. Whose name is Valentine. He was sentenced to death as a punishment for the Emperor Raj Rajroo. He was cut off on the morning of February 14th. To commemorate Valentine's sacrifice for the sake of celebration, this day is celebrated as Valentine's Day.

History -4(Formula Internet)
About 270 CE Roman Emperor Second Claudius imposed restrictions on sexual intercourse between men and women. His idea was that men were disloyal to the war if they got married. At that time, the priest of the Christian church of Rome, 'Valentine' would complete the work of marrying men secretly by ignoring the king's instruction. Then the king binds him and kills him. When Christianity was dominant in the Roman Empire, the church declared Valentine as Saint. A church was built to commemorate Valentine's death in 350 Rome, where Valentin was executed.

Today, the exact date of love day is not known. I think the first incident is the true history of Valentine day. Love is always the love, whatever the history. 365 days is the day of love.
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