Rajshahi Cadet College Address ( update 2019)

Rajsahi Cadet College.
Location of Rajshahi Cadet College:
On the banks of the Padma, Sarada
Upazila: Charghat
District: Rajshahi

websitd: https://rcc.army.mil.bd

mail: rcc_rajshahi@yahoo.com

Address: Sardah, Rajshahi

Vice Principal- 01716283784


Medical Officer-01769010830

House Master:

Qasim House-01769010832

Khalid House-01769010831

Tariq House-01769010833

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Details about Rajshahi Cadet College are given below. (History, admission process, required documents etc.)

Rajshahi Cadet is operated under the direction of a self-governed residential military school and defense ministry, like other cadet colleges in the country. It is taught from secondary to high class.
This is the fourth and last cadet college of Pakistan. On November 6, 1964, it was named Ayub Cadet College. The founder of this college was then president, Field Marshal Ayub Khan. A cadet college is established on the bank of the Padma with three houses on 110 acres of land. After Bangladesh became independent, the name of the college was changed to Rajshahi Cadet College. In 1966 the governor of Bengal, Monayem Khan, founded this college.

The main goal of the study of cadet colleges is to join the military. There is no cadet college other than Bangladesh and Pakistan. Though this kind of college is used, the cadet name is used only in Bangladesh and Pakistan. All cadet colleges including Rajshahi have all the necessary materials for education. In the advanced system controlled by the army, it is taught. The head of the college who is taught the uniform of military uniforms. The interesting thing is that if you see a student of twelfth grade reading his footsteps, you will be wondering why he is watching the army member. In order to be admitted to Rajshahi and all the cadet colleges, 4 feet 8 "height is needed, why are not any student recruitment of such problems, such as the disabled, nose problems, body fitness problems etc. Do not be afraid, children of Class Six Seven have a big problem If it does not, then it can be rectified quickly.

Three houses at Rajshahi Cadet College (Qasim House, Tariq House, Khalid House). Birshreshtha Jahangir Bhawan is the premier center of this college. This building houses classrooms, computer labs, physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, modern language labs, central lecture halls, faculty, office of the vice-chancellor and staff lounge. Another installment of Rajshahi Cadet College is the Bir Uttam Sipahi Mostafa Kamal Auditorium. The capacity of this auditorium is 650 people. The college has its library, encyclopedia, Liberation War and central library in reference books of various topics. There is huge ground for sports. There are almost all types of sports systems.
There are many opportunities in the college hostel. Some of the students needed furniture to own the college. Three hostels of Rajshahi Cadet College are rich in essentials. Hostels are controlled by the college authorities themselves.

In cadet colleges, from seventh grade to twelfth grade, education is made head of English. To get admission in college, apply online and admission will be required. Cadet College admission test is different from other public examinations. Therefore, the results of this examination are required to get the desired results, strict persistence and proper guideline. Regular studies play a big role in this. This college has 50 seats in every class.

The total number of 300 examinations is taken. Of these, 75 marks in English, 55 in mathematics, 40 in Bengal and 30 marks in general knowledge. And Marx 50 for the oral examination and 50 marks for the Suitability test. Apart from this, there is a health test.
Written examination of 200 numbers is taken. Verbal and health-related tests and succulence tests are conducted with the candidates passing this test. If you are studying in the cadet colleges, you will get priority in joining the Armed Forces.
Note: With the help of Bangla English, the candidate has to choose any medium. But to remember that if you want to study in cadet colleges, English will be good to know.

Cadet College admission application website www.cadetcollege.army.mil.bd

Required papers and submission method:
 Certified certificates of candidates' primary education end examination or primary ebtedayee education closing examination; The certificate passed by the head of their respective organization of students studied through English in the 5th grade; Attested Photocopy of Candidate's Birthday or Birth Certificate; The certificate of the candidate passing the sixth or the equivalent examination by the head of the concerned organization; If the result is not published, then the certificate given by the head of the organization will pass the candidate's examination; The certificate of the concerned authority for the monthly income of the candidate's parents or guardian; Attested photocopy of the national ID card of both the candidate's parent or the parents (the certificate issued by the appropriate reasons without identifying the identity card) and color photographs of similar passport and stamp size similar to the candidate uploaded by the online address. After successfully completing the online application, those papers will be sent to the cadet college addressed by the registered post or carrier on the 15x10-inch envelope, and the name of the candidate's name and test center will be mentioned on the date of January 3, 2014 at the candidate's entrance examination. Note that in case of receiving quota facility, candidates must apply online through Cadet colleges' e-Booth Outlet. In this case, the quota holder will have to bring along with necessary paper and other copies of the photographs and photographs of his relevant quote. It is to be noted that an e-Booth Outlet has been set up in each cadet college and Dhaka Army stadium for submission of application and necessary documents for the convenience of candidates and guardians. In these e-booths, you can submit online application, required papers and application fee.

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