Causes of Computer Virus.


Causes Of Computer Crime

Those who have a computer must be aware of the virus. Keeping in mind the safety of the ICT machine, I should know about the virus. Like virus attack in the organism, the virus attacks the computer and damages a lot. Virus is full of words: Vital information resources under siege which means taking possession of the information and causing harm. Virus is a type of software that attacks information and data and increases their numbers. By entering the virus device first attacks the data and the data and then slowly stops the computer. For example, boot virus attacks the disk boot sector. Some of the most known viruses are Stone, Vienna, CIH, Folder etc.
In some ways, if the computing machine is infected with the virus, then it gradually spreads. When the virus is infected with a virus or pennydriver computer, the infected virus in the file takes place in the computer's memory. After the work is done the computer remains viruses. As a result, virus free computer virus is added. What software or programmable virus do you run, but what can we do to get rid of the virus in the computer? Surely I remember Antivirus. From this condition, antivirus can release us. To remove the disease, we have to eat medicines and use our antivirus to get rid of the computer virus. Antivirus utility is used to protect against viral attacks. These utilities match virus on viruses known to the virus. Then the antivirus software uses its knowledge to determine the actual program from the infected space. An antivirus can destroy all types of viruses. As soon as the new virus is created, its antivirus update increases its power. As a result, new viruses can be destroyed. Nowadays almost all the operating software is connected with the antivirus. Furthermore, antivirus can now be destroyed before the new virus is created and the user warns. The antivirus nowadays are strong. Keep in mind that antivirus has always been updated.
From the virus. Many antivirus nowadays get free to protect. Below are some antivirus software can enter.
In this way, the virus in the memory of the virus attack the program and files. Some programs attack new programs and files, and some viruses consume thick computers. In order to consolidate the program, he at one time lost his computer. In this way, a computer virus is infected and spread on other computers through CD PainDrive.
Symptoms of Virus in Computer:
★ It takes a lot of time to start the program and file
★ The result of showing less than comparative memory has slowed down.
★ The computer shows information that is not related to ongoing work on the computer
★ Plasma is taking too much time for the installation.
★ Moving job files are taking more space.
★ The names of files in the folder have changed.
★ The computer is shutting down or shutting down, or suddenly restarted while working.
Virus that can harm:
★ can delete any files saved.
★ The computer monitor can distort the display.
★ System work can slow down
The situation is named after this:
★ AVG Antivirus Software.
★ Avira Antivirus Software.
★ Avast AntiVirus Software.
We can use the following methods to keep our computer virus free.
1- CDs used on other devices, pennydreams, keep virus free before using them on your computer.
2- The software used on other computers is free of viruses before copying them to your computer.
3- If you copy the files used on other machines to your computer, keep the virus free.
4- You must check the virus before the game breaks.
5- Pre-e-mail alert before heading. Opening emails coming from suspicious sources such as viruses.
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