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At present, there are 2 to 3 million tourists in the Taj Mahal, out of which 200,000 tourists are foreign, which is India's most popular tourist center. Most tourists arrive in the cold season in October, November and February. Air pollution vehicles are prohibited from coming to the Taj Mahal. Therefore, tourists have to walk to the Taj Mahal on foot from footpath or on the buses. Khwaspura has been restored for tourists.

Currently, the expenditure on Taj philosophy is only 40 rupees for Indians. For the tourists of SAARC country, Taj's admission price is 530 taka. And for the rest of the world it is 1000 rupees.

The Taj Mahal is in the first row of the world's tourist spot. There is nothing new about history in the Taj Mahal. If you are a travel favorite, you can visit Shahjahan's Taj Mahal. People in the world can find very little people who do not love traveling. India is next to Bengal There are many places of philosophy in India. Among them, Taj Mahal is one of the largest. How much will it cost to visit the Taj Mahal? Many such questions are made by many. Many people are too shy to ask someone what they will be spending. If you want to know about the cost of touring the Taj, the article is for you. But remember that the cost is to yourself. I will give you a sense of how much you will spend going to the Taj Mahal. If you are the child of a millionaire father, then this article is not for you.

♠ First you will need a passport.
First you have to pass a passport. We know that we can not go abroad without a passport.
★ You will need 2 copies of your National ID card to pass the passport.
4 copies of passport size photographs will be better than the lab.

★ The citizen certificate should be taken from the area's chairman or commissioner, which is easily available.

★ Passport fee is 3450 taka Sonali Bank.
The account will be given to its receipt.
★ If you are a student then your college professor will need a certification letter.
★ Buy a passport to buy from a shop nearby Passport Office Application Paper. Or you can print by typing yourself.
Now these papers will be attested with the first class officer. You can also do it with the officers of the Bangladesh Bank or any government college or any police officer.

In the end of the passport application form, the details of the first-class officer will be verified with seal. And the receipt of the passport fee can not be verified.

Now collect all the papers and fill the application form of the passport and apply the photo with glue. However, two copies to be filtered exactly. Fill in the right way. Then submit it.
If there is a mistake in the passport, then after filing the form again by depositing Tk 3450, you have to correct the mistake.
When the passport is made, they will tell you the message.
♣ How to make a visa.
★ Passport is not an issue. Fairly everyone has a passport. Now the real thing is that the visa will do. Bangladesh does not have much trouble getting visa from India.
★ What it takes to make a visa is discussed below.
1. Passport books

* Photocopy of passport's main page + first page + main page will be photocopied.

* Two copies of visa size will take 2/2. Time to cotton from the lab will be called.

* Eatocon Serial, which has many shops in the vicinity of the visa office, can take 1000/1500/2000 taka.

* Photocopy of 2 copies of your National ID

* Citizen Charter 2 copies

* Bill / Paid Payments before the current bill, Main copy.
* Bank statement must be given, Minimum 20,000 will be in Balance. Any bank will be there.

* Visa fees will be 700 taka + extra 50 taka. UCBL Bank is the agent authorized by the VISA office to deposit money through them. Simultaneously, your passport will be shown in the number when submitting everything to the counter. The officer will go online and check it out.

* If all the papers are right then there will be no problem getting your visa.

♣ How much does it cost?
 From Dhaka to India, you can travel by air or train. If you go to the train, then less money. Take the train fares yourself.

* To pay for the Taj Mahal 50 rupees. After entering the Taj Mahal, the ticket will have three hours.

On the other hand, those who want to see the emperor Shahjahan and Samrajni Mamtaz Mahal's monument inside the Taj Mahal, they will have to pay extra 200 rupees. And foreign tourists will have to pay a total of 1,250 rupees.

Here you got a small idea. You can spend a lot of money and you can cork less money if you want. If you think this article looks good or will come in handy, please give a little trouble in the comments. If any information is wrong here then mail me.

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