Types of Cyber Crime With example .

Type of Cyber Crime
Computer is a device required by the people. Currently the computer is used instead of the register pen in the office. A computer can have a human, a company, or even a country's important information. And the computer will not be a crime? The computer is giving us the maximum amount of computer crime is growing. Today we will know about some computer crime. If we are a little careful then these crimes may not be with us. We also have to look for ways that do not criminize the computer. Today we will talk about some computer crime.

1. Hacking
We generally mean hacking computers or network damage by applying the program. The real thing is that it is not the whole of hacking. Hack is illegal in somebody's dibas or something valuable. As a result of the widespread use of the Internet, the increase in information is the main source of information, as well as increased data theft and distortion of information in the medium of information. And those who do these things are called hackers. Hacker's activities are called hacking.

2. Plagiarism
After adding the text of any source, the original author or creator should be named. That's the rule. If it is not done then it will be counted as an offense. The name of such a crime is plagiarism. Such crimes are found in the field of information technology. Others write, meditation ideas, techniques, words, songs are kept in their own name.

3. Data theft 
 is a tragedy to steal the official or trust data. When an organization's data is stolen secret information can be revealed and there is much harm. It should be noted that data is not stolen. 

04. Spoofing and Sniffing
Spoofing has become popular as a method of handling financial information by creating fake websites. Spoofed site is a mirror image exactly like the original site. If you do not see from near you can not understand whether it is real or fake. We often give personal and financial information without hesitation or understanding. Sniffing, on the other hand, is one of the popular method of withdrawing data transmission problems.  strong car or wireless Sniffer is done. It's almost impossible to detect snifting. So there is no data encryption option to protect against it. 

le="background-color: white; color: #555555; font-family: "Droid Sans"; font-size: 15px;" /> 5. Hardware Theft
Different parts of the computer are valuable, but the things that can be easily transported are theft. A laptop can be easily transported. As a result of hardware theft, the user generated the program and the data goes out of hand which results in a lot of damage. 

6. Spamming
 Unwanted bulk messages are widely used in electronic messaging systems. Through this, messages are sent to individual individuals or newsgroups. These messages are often commercial. They are also known as mail mail. Spapes are often sent for advertising fraud or other fraudulent Internet fraud. 

6. Software Piracy
Software piracy refers to activities that copy the software without the permission of the creator, or partially change it, and run its own name. Piracy is a crime to steal other things. Software piracy results in 
a lot of damage to the production company. 

7. Cyber ​​attack is a cyber attack, 
trying to gain control of a computer and monitor someone's movements without permission. Terrorist groups of different countries, such as terrorism, also make different countries also cyber-terrorists. 
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