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Best Torist Place In
Banglasesh. Traveling is a great way to enjoy life. There are few people who do not love to travel. People from other countries travel from one country to another. There are many tourist spots in the earth. In those places, it is a very interesting thing to distinguish between your favorite people. There are few tourist places in Bangladesh where foreign tourists gather around the year. If you read this article, you can learn about some of the places of travel in Bangladesh. Hope to read the full article. Here's how it's going to travel. So do not know about some of the tourist centers in Bangladesh.

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Cox's Bazar beach.
Cox's Bazar is a great tourist center for travelers. Cox's Bazar is the world's largest beach. Your mind will be filled with the tide of Cox's Bazaar. Hundreds of thousands of favorite favorite people rush here every day. Cox's Bazar is a favorite travel destination for foreign tourists. From America to Britain, Australia and Japan, tourists from all over the world come here. There are many oldest structures in Cox's Bazar. If you are a foreigner, you have 3 hotels for the hotel. Those who once traveled through the sea of ​​Cox's Bazar have been running again and again. The beautiful surroundings of the world, the beautiful environment and security are available in Cox's Bazar. When are you going to visit Cox's Bazar beach?

St. Martin's
One of the world's most coral island in the world of St. Martin. A union of Teknaf upazila in Cox's Bazar district of St. Martin, Bangladesh. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh and it is the All-South Union of Bangladesh. Another name for this island is coconut jinzira. Not too far from Cox's Bazar, St. Martin. Extremely famous for St. Martin's Island Dob. You can find sweet coconut water and shells in St. Martin.
St Martin's sightseeing-
♣ beach.
♣ torn island
♣ Marine Park
♣ stone people
♣ Bay of bay.
Those who come to Cox's Bazar do not miss the St. Martin Island. If you are a favorite man, then St. Martin is for you.

Dighinala Bihar
One of the most visited destinations of Bangladesh is Dighinala Bihara. The natural beauty of Dighinala will fascinate you. Dighinala is situated on the way to Vishwog Vihar, Sajak Velli, a beautiful and quiet place. After entering inside, you will see two temples. One has a large statue of Buddha, whose height is 23 feet and the other has two statues of locals named Bhanta of Rangamati Bihar.
 Dighinala can see Bihar: -
♣ Snow Frutti Valley.
♣ Teducharan waterfalls
♣ Dighinala hanging bridge
♣ Dighinalala Forest Bihar
♣ Dighinala Cantonment

You can see many things in Rangamati.
Rangamati district of Chittagong Hill Tracts filled with natural beauty. Kaptai Lake is situated in the small town of the city and there are numerous diverse places everywhere. These places are different times of the year. But the rainy season is completely different.
Some of the diverse places of Rangamati-
♣ tribal museum.
♣ Kaptai National Park.
♣ Peda Teing Ting.
♣ Tuckout Echo Village.
♣ Twist.
♣ Bir Shrestha Lynnayak Munshi Abdur Rauf Memorial Sculpture.
♣The picnic spot of the Navy.
♣ Chitamara Buddhist Vihara.
♣ Banasree Travel Complex.
♣ Panorama zoom restaurants.
♣ Wear tea estate.
♣ Duluchchari wins the Bihara.
♣ Kaptai lake.
♣ Kaptai dam and Karnaphuli hydropower plant
♣ King Jung Basak Khan's Dighi and Mosque.
♣Destruction of the residence of King Harish Chandra Rai
♣ earphone paper mill
♣ hanging bridge
♣ Rajban Bihar
♣ Sublingual fountain.
♣ Sajak Vali.
♣ Betubuniya Geo satellite station
Rangamati is a great place to visit. It is not possible to write the description of the beauty of Rangamma here. If you go to Rangamati you can see many things of the primitive period.

Traditional ancient heritage is located in Mahasthangarh Bogra. The capital of Pundravardhana was present in Bogra Mahasthangarh. Bogra had special administrative importance even during the Maurya, Gupta, Pal and Sen. It is located on the west bank of the Karatoya river. This ancient archeology can come in one day.
Mahasthangarh will see some of the ancient times that will surprise you. Everyday traveled people crowd around here.
Mazar Sharif
The museum
♣ God's Stone Hut
♣ Manchalir Dhibi.
♣ Vairagir Bhita.
♣ Skin step.
♣ Mangalkot stack.
♣ Gokul Medha.
♣ Tangra Buddhist stacks.
♣ Bihar phase
♣ Bhasu Vihar.
♣ Vimm jungle
♣ Kalidah Sea.
♣ Shiladevir Ghat.
♣ Jeet Kund.
♣ Bihula bassar house
♣ Govinda Vita
♣ Parashuram's palace.
Do not miss the places to travel to Mahasthangarh.

Traveling in Sylhet is an ideal place for pies. Sylhet is one of the few areas in Bangladesh where tea garden is observed. Sylhet's tea color, taste and aroma are incomparable. Japhalam of Sylhet is known as the fame of the whole country as a name
Sylhet is known as the world's second London. The beautiful scenery of the Jaintia hills, the charming beauty of Jaflong, the steep rocks of Bholaganj, the stone bed spots, the night-time Javelan dragged the tourists.
Some places in Sylhet view.
♣ Jafrong
♣ Bholaganj.
♣ Salivary.
♣ Tamabil
♣ Hakaluki haor
♣ Qin Bridge.
♣ Hazrat Shahjalal (R) and Hazrat Shah Paran (R)'s shrine Sharif.
♣ Tangua haor
♣ Lobhachara
♣ Ham Ham Waterfall
♣ Kailashtila.
♣ Parikunda fountain
♣ Satchhari National Park
♣ Harung Hurung.
♣ Three estates of the Barak River
♣ Mahaprabhu Shri Chaitanya Dev's house.
♣ Hashan King's Museum.
♣ Malani rhymes tea garden.
♣ Osmani International Airport
♣ Tourism Motel.
♣ Zakaria City.
♣ Dreamland Park
♣ Ali Amjad's watch
♣ Jitu Mia's house.
♣ Monipuri Rajbari
♣ Manipuri Museum.
♣ Shahi Eidgah.
♣ Osmani Children Park
♣ Madhabkund Falls.
♣ Sylheti Nagri script.
♣ Pangtumai
♣ Nightlife
There are thousands of tourists in Sylhet every year. You can also visit Sylhet.

Chimbook hill.
The mountains or the sea, which of these two natural natural beauties is more beloved than it may be, you can not specifically tell tourism lovers. However, many lovers may take romantic promises of purchasing their beloved hills. And among the mountainous beauty of Bangladesh, the mountainous hill of Chimbuk is the best known as the queen of the mountain. It is the third largest mountain in the country.
The name Darjeeling of Bengal is known. The name of the name of the whole country in Chimbuk of Bandarban. Mountain view on both sides of the road to Chimbuk and the Sangu River view is very pleasant. On the hill, standing on the clouds will be seen.
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These places can visit for travel. These places are very dear to foreign tourists.
Thanks for reading the article.

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